Daily #SameHere🤙 Hero Alliance Stories

Daily #SameHere🤙 Hero Alliance Stories

#SameHere Hero Stories are listed in date order, with the most recent Heroe Stories at the top of the page. Continue to check back as new Stories are posted, daily.  You may also to click “Load More” at the bottom of this page, to view older Hero Stories.  As the number of Hero Stories grows, we will be adding a search feature so that you may look for topics that interest you most.  We hope you enjoy and find comfort that you are far from alone. Feel free to leave your comments, and we hope that you may feel comfortable sharing your own #SameHere Hero Story in the near future.

#SameHere Hero Stories

01/09/20 #SameHere Hero: Tobias Vincent

9 January

“Life is short, life is hard. My struggles have made me who I am today. A successful family man, and business owner. I chose to continue life in the hardest times, and I will continue to do so.   January 18th, 1995. I was born. My life was about to be the largest struggle I’d […]


01/08/20 #SameHere Hero: Jason Shapiro

“In 1998 my younger brother who I mistreated growing up was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. In 2006 I unexpectedly found out my childhood best friend took his life. Then in 2013 my father was killed in car accident down the street from his house.   Even though years separated each devastating instance, it felt like […]

01/07/20 #SameHere Hero: Tim James

“I have rewritten this a few times with each recollection bringing up an older event in my life. From the earliest nights I can remember laying in bed covering myself with pillows and stuffed animals pretending I was trapped in a spaceship wreck or under debris not being able to get out. I remember spending […]

01/06/20 #SameHere Hero: Chris Bruton

“Growing is in Canada and working to be a pro hockey player, I fell into some of the worst head spaces, habits, injuries and depression I ever thought imaginable. I evolved into an identity I didn’t have the strength to let go of.   I hit rock bottom in my career and life. It was […]

01/05/20 #SameHere Hero: Janessa Holland

“Growing up, I lived in an incredibly explosive home. My Dad, and Mom had their own demons growing up and unfortunately it trickled down to my brother and I.   I was always extremely unique as a child. I lacked the ‘normal,’ attention span of most kids. I had horrible headaches that were paralyzing. I […]

01/04/20 #SameHere Hero: Sabriya Dobbins

Today’s #SameHere Hero: Sabriya Dobbins   Your typical high high achiever, grade A student, perfectionist. Everything had to be just so, & as that pressure grew, while her path she KNEW she needed to be on – becoming a veterinarian, fell through, she felt lost. That perfect world couldn’t be controlled be her anymore.   […]

12/14/19 #SameHere Hero: Jake Newton

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Jake Newton, the newest member of the Influencer Alliance.   Jake was a stellar hockey player growing up, being drafted by the Anaheim Ducks & spending some time in the Colorado Avalanche organization. All sounds like the perfect life, right? Except that for over 2 yrs of his life as a child, he […]