Daily #SameHere🤙 Hero Alliance Stories

Daily #SameHere🤙 Hero Alliance Stories

#SameHere Hero Stories are listed in date order, with the most recent Heroe Stories at the top of the page. Continue to check back as new Stories are posted, daily.  You may also to click “Load More” at the bottom of this page, to view older Hero Stories.  As the number of Hero Stories grows, we will be adding a search feature so that you may look for topics that interest you most.  We hope you enjoy and find comfort that you are far from alone. Feel free to leave your comments, and we hope that you may feel comfortable sharing your own #SameHere Hero Story in the near future.

#SameHere Hero Stories

7/16/19 #SameHere Hero: Sarah McDevitt

16 July

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Sarah McDevitt, the CEO of hellocore.com   Just as we’ve done w the organization @iRel8, we believe the key to knocking down this wall that exists between society, & mental wellness, is to join hands w many different groups w many different core competencies (no pun intended), to attack MH from 360 degrees. […]


6/17/19 #SameHere Hero: Winston Ben Clements

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero is the newest member of the Influencer Alliance: Winston Ben Clements.   Rewind back to our #SameHere Sit-Down event last October at Northern Illinois University & I shared a story abt a wonderful young student who came up to me in her wheelchair after our event, & explained that while she loved the […]

6/03/19 #SameHere Hero: Louie Michael

Today’s #SameHere🤙 Hero: Louie Michael   Talk about a story – this hero has been through the ringer & is still now a cheerleader of other people, helping THEM out, to overcome their own struggles.   Involved in the Entertainment biz for a long time, having a predisposition for depression, coupling it with major physical […]

5/24/19 #SameHere Hero: Austin Byler

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Austin Byler   Austin is just a solid dude. We met of all places, on LinkedIn, & hit it off on the phone. He’s someone who has been in MLB farm systems as a player, & is now looking to give back through his own initiative we’ll share more about in the coming […]

5/15/19 #SameHere Hero: Amy Madge

Today’s #SameHere🤙Hero: Amy Madge. I’m going to let her story do the talking here, as this is one of the most vivid recounts of what simple bully did to affect someone’s life, all the way from back to being a kid in school.   Amy’s strength is amazing in that she’s come out of it […]

5/09/19 #SameHere Hero: David Berceli

There’ve been some pretty serendipitous things that’ve happened throughout the last yr & a half as it pertains to the building of this MH Movement. I’m convinced now more than ever, the universe sends us messages & important ppl in our lives. This particular story is a bit surreal.   In 2013, while visiting a […]

4/26/19 #SameHere Hero: Joe Matarese

Today’s #SameHere🤙 Hero: Joe Matarese, the newest member of the #SameHere🤙 Celebrity Alliance. Joe is a stand-up comedian with a special on Amazon called “Medicated” as well as his own podcast and touring dates. I met Joe as he was the “main event” at our one year anniversary at Gotham Comedy Club, thanks to the […]

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