Veteran Programs

#SameHereService Veteran Programs

#SameHereService Veteran Programs


#SameHereService Veteran Programs are designed to teach our vets returning from service, TSRR tools and practices that help heal our central nervous systems from any traumas lived through. As our founder’s diagnosis was PTSD, this is a topic he and The Alliance are particularly committed to.  A number of our Alliance Members have a proven track-record working closely with the military, and we are also partnered with other experts and organizations we look forward to discussing with your group.

Bob Delaney Life

Alliance Member, Bob Delaney, talking mental health with troops

Military Group Chamique

Alliance Member, Chamique Holdsclaw, with the US Army

We are also interested in talking with veterans groups about how they have traditionally been treated by society, due to misconceptions about the conditions many of them return home with after service. We are looking to bridge the communication gap between how the mental health of our veterans, and the rest of society is looked at, so that there is a greater understanding as to how similar the conditions we ALL face are, just at experienced at varying levels, based on different traumas lived through – and of course different intensities in symptoms.  At the end of the day, however, we are all one big tribe being effected in similar ways, and we shouldn’t be bucketing groups separately with any sort of misunderstood perceptions.  Please click below and fill out the form so we can discuss a #SameHereService program with your veterans group.

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