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#SameHereSafe Offices

#SameHereSafe Offices


#SameHereSafe Corporate Office Programs help organizations ensure that their culture is one that champions a safe mental health environment where all employees feel comfortable and confident, with the tools and skills necessary to handle any stressful situation, and actually grow and learn from them. By helping change an office’s culture together, we see healthier and happier employees, fewer absences, a decrease in office conflicts, greater collaboration, and an increase in productivity.  With our employees, we so often don’t know what is happening “beneath the surface,” that is taking a toll on their health, and taking a toll on your company’s overall productivity.  Our #SameHereSafe Programs:


Let your employees know you have their best interests in mind.  Getting the “message out there” is the first step towards letting your employees know they can feel safe and prosper, despite what they may be dealing with – at the office, or at home. Simply acknowledging that this initiative is important and endorsed by the office and senior management, removes a level of stress that shouldn’t exist in any corporate office environment.  We provide promotional materials for you to disseminate prior to our visit, to let your entire office know how important this initiative, and their overall mental health, is to you.  The credibility of partnering with our brand, and the endorsers who stand behind that brand (celebrities, influencers, expert practitioners, and advocates), lets your employees know how important this initiative is to you.


Teach your employees various “TSRR” (Trauma & Stress, Release & Rewiring) Practices so they have coping skills and strategies to deal with stress. There are many practices that employees can perform at their desks, in their offices, or in a separate room that your office designates, to allow them to “rest and digest.”  The time taken to perform these practices is more than made-up for, in the health and greater productivity of your employees and the overall organization.  We teach your employees various techniques that they can “own” and make part of their daily routines.


Equip your managers with programs and activities to ensure they are taking the mental health of their staffs into consideration, in the most efficient way possible. The cat and mouse game between a manager and their staffers is not healthy.  By engaging in open dialogue and acknowledging that employees need short periods throughout each day to “exhaust” and release stress and anxiety, you establish policy and make it clear that you are taking your employee’s mental and overall health, and company’s productivity all into consideration.  We equip managers with group/team activities they can use with their staffs to accomplish these goals.


Allow you to establish mental health and wellness policies for your current and prospective employees: We help you establish parameters that can be communicated to the whole office and are endorsed by your organization’s top decision-makers around topics such as: acceptable time in and out of the office for weekly therapy sessions, mental health days off counting against the standard allotment of days off, where to turn and who to turn to in the office when uncomfortable feelings arise, letting employees know they can be open about their mental health bumps or complications without fear of termination or lost opportunities, etc.


Communicate to your existing and prospective employees that your office is #SameHereSafe. What you will gain in the productivity of your existing employee base, as well as the pool of new candidates being more comfortable and excited about coming to join you, are good enough reasons on their own to make this type of office program a priority.

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