Our Game Plan




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We’re All A Little “Crazy” and its Alliance Members will work diligently to accomplish, and continuously improve upon the following game plan – all falling under the Four Pillars of Programming Focus above:


Bob Delaney not afraid to flash his #SameHere sign to anyone to raise awareness. Not even Santa.

Provide back-stories of mental health battles that athletes and celebrities in The Alliance have faced, in the hopes of helping others know they are not alone, and can find Alliance Members they can relate to. We will work towards changing the global stigma once and for all, showing the world that we all battle mental health to varying degrees, and despite public perceptions related to being a celebrity, no one is immune.


Kim Barthel giving one of her many courses, internationally re: treating trauma through occupational therapy.

Feature one mental health expert from each of the worlds of: A) Integrative Psychiatry, B) Occupational Therapy & Neurobiology, C) Yoga for Mental Health, D) Qigong Meditation, E) Integrative Breathing Practices, F) Genealogy, G) Nutrition & the Brain/Gut Connection, H) Tapping/EFT, I) Havening, J) EMDR, K) Aromatherapy, with more to come. Each section will provide you with resources recommended by each expert.  The goal is to provide ALL those who suffer from mental health complications on ANY level, with a central resource center to find the best and most effective ways for them to heal.


Provide access to partner apps and technology that our Alliance and Expert Practitioners endorse, that provide effective healing practices.


Take #SameHere Hero Story Submissions from everyday site visitors related to how reading the stories of those in the Celebrity Global Alliance, as well as other “#SameHere Heroes”convinced them to ask for and get help, as well as share their own stories. We will then feature one new “#SameHere Hero” submission as our top story each day.


John Kirwan, one of the greatest Rugby players of all time, doing great mental health advocacy work in New Zealand.

Further fund/support the activities of the athletes and celebrities in our Alliance who are making an enormous impact, on the ground, around the globe.


Promote media campaigns related to: We’re All A Little “Crazy” and ” The #SameHere Movement” to the masses, to attack the stigma head-on, and convince people that we are all affected by life; to open up and celebrate how our personal experiences have helped us each form our own personal version of “Crazy.”

Theo Fleury conducting a mental health                   program at a local school in Canada.


Build exclusive Global Mental Health Movement activation on the ground with: A) schools through #SameHere Schools Programs, B) work-places through #SameHereSafe Office Programs, and C) our military through #SameHereService Veteran Programs.  These programs will educate each segment on mental wellness, and teach prevention and healing practices that promote a healthier mind.  To find out more about a program with your school, office, veteran group or other groups, click on the button below to fill out a program inquiry form, and someone from our office will contact you within a week.

We are in the process of filming a major documentary piece on the formation of this Movement and the Alliance, which we hope will be revolutionary in changing the global dialogue.  Should you wish to donate to the efforts of our film, please CLICK HERE and select #SameHere Awareness.

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