Artist: Luke James Shaffer’s Story

Artist: Luke James Shaffer’s Story

Hello to the “Crazy” Community…recording artist Luke James Shaffer here, sharing a first hand account as to how I got so heavily involved in this Movement – in what seems like a serendipitous way:


Back in October of 2017, as Eric was finalizing the formal name of this Movement, he typed in “We’re All A Little Crazy” into Google to see what, if anything could come up as a “conflict” to the use of this name.  From his search, he found my song, originally recorded in 2015,  “We’re All A Little Crazy,” as the first and only formally used version of the phrase, to pop up.


After finding my song, Eric found my website, and reached out – as personally as he could given that it was through a “Contact Us” page on my site – to see if I would be interested in pairing my song with his Movement. Though I wrote the song thinking about a slightly different topic, I realized that the beauty of music is in the different interpretations of each listener. The power in the words of this song, and the style it was written in, resonated with Eric’s vision for this nonprofit Movement.


I forwarded the contact form submission to my creative director, Daniel Strauch from House Studios, and we made the decision to respond almost immediately. Eric had left his contact information, and I emailed him back directly to show how interested we were and to get the conversation going.  Dan then jumped on a call with Eric, where he and our team immediately hit it off, and we realized that this would be a genuine partnership based on like minds and the shared passion to help others.


Eric then had this idea to for me to come to his launch gala, and play the song live, to a video showing pictures of people making #SameHere gestures all over the world in front of famous landmarks.  I re-recorded a newer version of the song with House Studios and debuted it at the foundation’s opening gala. Our House Studios family was there, and we immediately picked up on how special this Movement could become, and decided then, we were “all-in” moving forward as members of the team.  The rest is history, and we look forward to continuing to partner with Eric and The Alliance. In fact, a portion of proceeds from every download of “We Are All A Little Crazy” continues to be donated back to the nonprofit. We are loving being a part of making positive change in this world!