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Celebrity Alliance Members

Introducing the Charter Members of the Celebrity Alliance. Personalities from MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA/WNBA, MLS, Pro Boxing, Pro Volleyball, international sportsmen and women, announcers, actors, performers and musicians highlight the group. As Ericā€™s primary relationships from his career were in sports, our Charter Members are mostly sportsmen and women. However, a number of personalities from outside of sports have recently joined The Alliance, and we look forward to formally announcing them as this group and this Movement continues to grow. For now, enjoy reading the #SameHerešŸ¤™ Hero stories from these Charter Members. They are all Heroes for sharing how they too have dealt with some of lifeā€™s obstacles, just like the rest of us. See which stories resonate the most with you.

Oluwale Bamgbose

Professional MMA Fighter, Competed in UFC Middleweight Division

Nicholas Cunningham

Broadway Performer and Dancer, Phantom of the Opera

Jim Dowd

Stanley Cup Champion, NHL Player for 17 Seasons

John Starks

One of most beloved NY Knicks of All-Time