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Nike’s Mental Health Sneakers

20 August

I’ve been hoping for a while to see more big brands get behind the mental health movement that’s taking place. You’d think the MH space would be a goldmine for brands – both from a social responsibility standpoint & even a sales/marketing perspective contributing directly to their bottom lines.   Off the heels of Burger […]


We Are You At The Party?

Who are you at the party?   Was out w an, um…friend, last night, & after some quiet drinks we went to go listen to some live music at a nearby bar. The band was great – played a lot of hits ppl could dance to.  It made me think of something that always comes […]

Robin Lehner’s 2019-20 #SameHere Blackhawks Goalie Mask

There are rare moments you can pause for a second to take a deep breath, as you’re working feverishly to build something, & say – that’s just plain awesome.  Yesterday was one of those days.   Robin Lehner, formerly of the Islanders, & now of the Blackhawks, posted a picture of his helmet for this […]

Why We Can’t Take Everything Personally

I know this is a weird question to ask, but you’ll see where I’m going w it. Yes, that’s me as a toddler, w food all over my face, likely as my mom was yelling at me to get in the car & close the door.  The car? If I remember correctly it was an “Oldsmobile […]

DNP-Mental Health In Sports

Very impressed by the words of Liz Cambage from the WNBA in this article. I’m gonna link to it in stories so you can read the whole thing.   Little bkrnd: I was having a convo w a colleague from the NBA League Office abt a yr ago, when it was announced that the Players […]

The BIG3’s Mental Health Policy

Very proud to support the work of BIG3 Co-Founder, Jeff Kwatinetz & the entire League in their efforts to put out a comprehensive mental health initiative that makes a bold statement.   Once you read all 7 Articles of their platform, you’ll see that they go beyond talking about their players, alone, but instead […]

Telling A Great Story Together

Been seeing so many charts & graphs comparing the US to other countries – related to all things from video games played/sold, to # of households where both parents are working. Everyone is trying to find some silver bullet thread that brings meaning & understanding to this epidemic we’re having.   Opinion here, but I […]