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The Status Quo In Our Schools Isn’t Working

17 October

A lot of chatter the past wk when I posted that headline about the surgeon general in Cali who wants to screen kids for prior trauma – she’s a big champion of understanding how “ACE” – adverse childhood experiences – impact us.   Many/most (based on your comments at least) seem in favor of her […]


Bad Days Are Unfortunately Part Of The Process

I debated ever sharing this photo from a few yrs ago, but felt like the experience I had this morning, made it an appropriate time to break it out.   I took the pic about 1 yr into my 2.5 yr crash. I hadn’t felt comfortable leaving the house to get a haircut. My mind […]

SIAC Conference Recap

People from all different backgrounds coming together is a beautiful thing. Candidly, when I was first contacted by Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, I wasn’t fully aware of all the schools that were a part of it.   Last night, this morning, & this afternoon, we got a chance to meet w the student athlete leaders […]

Getting To The Source Of Our Students’ Trauma

Look at this title. Whatever your politics, whatever you think about California…liberal or conservative, this woman gets “it.”   I talk w Theo Fleury more than just about anyone on this planet about MH. If I could have a dollar for every time he mentioned the word trauma, I wouldn’t be taking Greyhound busses to […]

World Mental Health Day Activities

Lots of hashtags & graphics being posted on #WorldMentalHealthDay. But if there’s one MAIN point to get across on these “holidays,” it’s that “TALK” doesn’t/shouldn’t refer to letting “THOSE ppl” in the “1/5 mentally ill” group, alone, open up.   That philosophy is what has gotten us to where we are today – isolating a […]

California Funds Mental Health Hotline

A tremendous step by the state of California.   Let’s cut to the chase of the details: $11 Mill in funding, spanning over 3yrs, to have a text & call line where folks NOT in crisis situations, can call & get help, peer support, referrals abt how they are feeling, emotionally. The hope is for […]

Feeling Lost: Not Knowing What You Want

The only thing more frustrating than not getting or achieving what you want: is not even knowing what you want :/   Thinking back to when we were little kids, things were so much simpler. At least for me, this is how it went – I had a crush on someone & my thoughts were […]