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The Need For Identity And To Belong

6 June

I remember as a kid, passing by veterans who lived in my town, & seeing them wearing their hats (like the ones in the bottom left), so proudly.   When I ask my parents what the hats were for, they explained to me that they were “badges of honor” representing wars these men & women […]


How Do You Forgive

I need your help IG Crazy Fam!   If you’re human, you’ve likely dealt with someone – a boss, a friend, a family member, a colleague, a neighbor, who has done you wrong – who you feel like treated you a certain way intentionally, & shows no remorse, & likely never will.   I’m fortunate […]

Experiencing Pure Joy

The pure joy you can see in a child’s eyes ❤️!   After our meeting with the Yankees yesterday, they were gracious enough to offer us tickets to the game vs the Red Sox at night.  With enough tickets offered, I had a chance to bring my older brother & two nieces.   We had […]

Don’t Just Wait For “Stuff” To Happen

This is my buddy Oakley out on a walk w me today. I’ve talked about him a bunch on as he’s been by my side all of the past 4 yrs.  I picked him up just before the 2.5 yrs I laid in bed & didn’t move…& the last yr & a half since we’ve […]

Visit With The Goalie Guild

Recap from yesterday’s event w the Goalie Guild, an org that brings together over 20k hockey goaltenders from arnd the world.   I met the founder of this nonprofit, a very genuine guy – Justin Goldman when we had a #SameHere Sit-Down at U of Denver in February. Justin & his group had just formed […]

Growing The Movement With The Oakland A’s

Life works in funny ways!   Had an opportunity offered by some friends at the Athletics to sit on a MH panel, before today’s game, to represent WAALC & the #SameHere Movement.   As much as you all know I love traveling (half joking, due my lack of leg room videos on planes I frequently […]

Visit With The Utah Jazz

Met with some folks at the @utahjazz today at their Zions Bank Basketball Campus.   Relationships come full circle. The gentleman in the top right with me, Colby Zobell, was on my group sales team with the Suns. It’s very rewarding to now see him as a director of his own staff, in the town […]

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