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Visiting South Carolina With The Hilinksi’s And The Hurst’s

1 April

Very excited for what’s to come tomorrow. Props to Cathy Hurst and Kym Hilinski for working to get this event on the SC Gamecocks campus w the Administration.  Ryan Hilinski plays QB here & the Baltimore Ravens Hayden Hurst just finished playing TE here before being drafted in the first round into the NFL   Tomorrow […]


Zach Makes Tracks Across Canada

A wk ago, I was contacted by the mother (Shelley) & partner (Gillian) of a courageous young man, Zach, a 14yr old from Canada.   I don’t believe there is enough collaboration in the space of MH. When Gillian & Shelley contacted me abt the wonderful work Zach is doing in Canada through the @zachmakestracks […]

Emotional Freedom Techniques

We’re coming toward a point w the TSRR practices where we feel like we have a pretty full list of practices from which to choose, where you can put together a comprehensive MH routine.   That said, when I first started to feel better, my psychologist, Donna Stein recommend I start “tapping” on my face […]

When Too Much Passion Can Be A Curse

Was super psyched to see this headline. Seemed like it’d check the boxes related to understanding how an obsessive passion for work took me, & has taken many others, spiraling down.   Interestingly, the article instead focused on the REASONS why we’re passionate, dictating what’s healthy & what’s not. Their belief: we’re healthy when we’re […]

Following Your Passion Gives You The Best Chance To Succeed

Since yesterday’s post was abt the risks of myopically focusing on our passions, figured I’d change course & talk abt the upsides of finding & diving in to our TRUE passions (so long as we find balance).   This pic’s from 2002. Other than my terrible floppy hairdo, it’s interesting for so many reasons.  One […]

We Have Lost The “Benefits” Of Boredom

Reading that you’re probably like – wtf is this guy thinking… smartphones may have taken away a lot of things, but boredom is one I’m happy is gone.   In the 80s/90s, almost every movie involving a family, had a scene where kids in the back of a car on a road trip yelled out […]

We Must Shift The Way We Think About Trauma

Was all set to post a new #SameHere🤙Hero story when this devastating news was shared – & I felt compelled to address it.  A young woman, a survivor of the shootings in Parkland, now lost to suicide almost a year later.   I remember when the Parkland shooting happened & the two big news stories […]