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#SameHere Visits Smithtown East HS

27 November

The last two days at Smithtown East HS were awesome.   Logistically, a little challenging, bc there are 400 students per grade, & only 450 seats in the auditorium. BUT the school dedicated a full two class periods to assemblies for each grade level – so we presented to 9th &10th graders for an hour […]


How A True Leader Supports Their Team Members

Today was a busy busy day…will share way more tomorrow – school presentations & even a meeting w the Mets to get started on a big MH event in May.   That said, couldn’t let this story pass by without saying something: Brandon Brooks, literally one of the best linemen in the NFL, had to […]

#SameHere Visits Washington College, Maryland

Last night: Washington College in Maryland, w a leader, Ben Ruvo, who started a MH organization on campus, OpenMindGymm, we had a chance to touch more lives.   Julie Donaldson from NBC Washington, who led our panel w the Washington Wizards the night before, drove all the way from the Redskins practice facility in the […]

#SameHere Visits The Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards do it up right w their events – this time hosting a Mental Health Awareness Night.   The pregame panel was led by NBC Washington’s Julie Donaldson & included NAMI’s Katrina Gay & Georgetown’s Early Childhood Development Expert, Neal Horen.   After each of these events, I try to take something I […]

Facebook’s Suppression Tactics With Our Movement

Thought you all should see the shady stuff that goes on with Facebook/IG. It may seem like I “complain or shout” a lot about this topic, but it’s bc helping ppl after how I saw and now see the system is failing us, has become something I’m so passionate about.   Today we got the […]

What They Hate In You Is Missing In Them. Keep Shining!

Hearing from ppl daily, about their own “stuff” they’re going through, you begin to notice common patterns & themes that come up pretty consistently.   One of the most common ones shared w me is how ppl feel about another person in their life who “did them wrong.” It’s human nature to feel burned & […]

Misleading Mental Health Messages

Had to share this infographic just bc it’s such an egregious example of the crap we are fed.   Look at this slides (I’ll have to just describe the bottom bc of its length we can’t get the whole image to fit in a legible way):   1) Says Mental HEALTH in big letters at […]