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David Stern’s Memorial

22 January

Yesterday, I attended the memorial service of commissioner emeritus of the NBA – a boss, mentor, friend to so many, David Stern. It was perhaps one of, if not THE most fitting tributes I’ve ever been to. It was positioned as a celebration of life – not a funeral – & it lived up to […]


The Beat People Hell Others No Matter What

Because of you all, daily, I get to see the heroics of people who have been through their own hell (or are still even going through it), reaching back to help others.   Given what’s going on in Australia recently with the raging fires, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate quote to share, than […]

Measuring Social Media Metrics Can Negatively Impact Us

Shared in stories the awful news of a girl in County Durham, England, who took her own life – at least partially (per her family’s take), due to the impact of social media.   The title of the article read: “Social media obsessed teen who ‘killed herself’ thought she wasn’t good enough unless she was […]

When It’s Sometimes Best To Walk Away

A lot of talk in recent posts abt how things happen TO us. Whether we like it or not, much of what & who we are, as we become adults, is a product of what we’ve been exposed to in our lives.   Some of the traits/characteristics we celebrate…some we gotta work on…most can be […]

If You Feel Sad Or In Pain You Could Be Emotionally Healthy

This might sound contradictory at first, right? From a young age we’re so condition to believe that crying = sadness = everything is “bad.”   As someone who hasn’t been able to cry in about 8yrs, let me help debunk the above.   I can remember a time when I was younger that I was […]

We Are Products Of The Things That Happen TO Us

Happiness & contentment are things so many of us CHASE bc they don’t just come naturally to us.   What I love about this quote in this pic is, it reveals the underlying truth that any “negative or difficult” feelings we have, aren’t a 100% direct result of things that WE have DONE, to bring […]

Sadly, Still Many “Experts” Don’t Understand Suicide

While this story is so upsetting, it’s likewise impt to tell. It’s time as a society we better communicate abt the topic of suicide so we can prevent these tragedies.   The basics: Teen football star, Bryce Gowdy, from the Deerfield Beach, FL, was set to attend Georgia Tech, when struggles- fam finances, & his […]