Our Initiatives

This nonprofit alliance and our new website launching soon, will serve to accomplish the following seven main initiatives:

  • Provide a section highlighting the back-stories of the athletes and celebrities in the global alliance who have been public about their battles, in the hopes of helping others. We will work towards changing the stigma once and for all, showing the world that we all battle mental health to varying degrees, and no one is immune.
  • Feature experts in healing from the worlds of integrative psychiatry and neuroscience, yoga, meditation, breathing practices and more, along with links to recommended resources that can impact lives positively and immediately.
  • Take submissions from everyday people related to how reading the stories of those in the global alliance, convinced them to ask for and get help, as well as share their own stories. We will then feature one submission as our main story each day.
  • Take similar submissions from employees who would like to highlight their offices, HR departments, bosses, CEO, etc., for encouraging mental wellness activities. We will feature one submission as our side story each day.
  • Further fund/support the activities of the athletes and celebrities in our alliance, that are making an enormous impact, on the ground.
  • Build our own programs on the ground as well, in schools and in the work-place, to educate each segment on mental wellness, and practices that promote a healthier mind - and to specifically provide preventative techniques and recommendations to attack the growing suicide rate around the world.
  • Promote a media campaign related to: We're All A Little "Crazy" to the masses, to attack the stigma head-on, and convince people that we are all affected by life, to open up, and celebrate how our personal experiences have helped us each form our own personal version of "Crazy." This is not about "mental illness" sufferers vs. everyone else. This is about how we are all in this together.